Meritorious Marine Program

Established by Charles Sooter

Each month, a 1st CEB Marine is selected by the Battalion to be honored by the City of Cerritos and receive a proclamation from the mayor or city council member. The Marine and his guest receive a complimentary overnight stay at the Cerritos Sheraton Hotel, as well as gift cards provided by local restaurants. They also receive tickets to the Cerritos Performing Arts Center (CCPA) or to an Angels baseball game. Their host takes them on a mini-tour of the Cerritos Civic Center, including the Library, Sculpture Garden and occasionally the Sheriff's Station. 

Meritorious Marine for June 2019

City Councilmember Jim Edwards, on behalf of the City of Cerritos, presented a proclamation to Sergeant Devon Espinoza to honor him for his exemplary service. Sgt Espinoza was raised in Long Beach so he is a local Marine. Many of his friends and relatives attended the presentation on June 29 at the Sheraton Hotel in Cerritos. They then went on a tour of the Civic Center and the Sheriff's Station, guided by his host, Diane Searer.

Meritorious Marine for July 2019

On July 13, City Councilmember Jim Edwards presented a proclamation to Corporal John Tyler Binkle to honor him for his high standards, work ethic, and performance in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Marine Corps. Joining them are Friends of the 1st CEB Chris Tierheimer, George Ray,

and Laurie Forward.

Want to Host

a Meritorious Marine ?

Who may be a Host: Individual, Business or Community Organization


Time Involved: Approximately 1 1/2 hours


When: A Saturday morning


Cost: None

1. At 11:00 am, meet Chuck Sooter, Meritorious Marine Chair, and Meritorious Marine in the Sheraton Cerritos lobby


2. Chuck Sooter explains the events to the Meritorious Marine as the Host listens


3. Walk outside to the Fountain Court with Meritorious Marine, his/her guest and Chuck Sooter for Proclamation presentation at 11:30 am by one or more Cerritos City Councilmembers


4. As Host, be recognized in a separate photo with Meritorious Marine


5. Conduct a mini-walking tour of Cerritos Civic Center with Meritorious Marine and guest. Tour includes:

a. Veterans Memorial at Civic Center

b. Library with walk through each area

c. Tour of Cerritos Sheriff's station (if previously           arranged may be guided by a Deputy Sheriff)

d. Walk through Sculpture Garden

e. While seated in the Sculpture Garden with the

Meritorious Marine and guest, explain that this

concludes the formalities of the welcome to Cerritos.

Now Meritorious Marine and guest are free to enjoy

the remainder of their weekend in Cerritos.


Benefits of a Host:

Opportunity to personally meet and say thank you to a brave young man or woman who is in service to our country

Recognition as a volunteer in the community


How to be a Host: Contact Chuck Sooter, 562-860-8174