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1st CEB LtCol & SgtMaj

Visit Cerritos


(left to right)  SgtMaj George Garcia, LtCol Seth Dewey, Mickey Christiason, and Tom Tislow


(left to right)  SgtMaj George Garcia, Pherby Higgins, and LtColSeth Dewey

We had a great visit with LtCol Seth Dewey, SgtMaj George Garcia, and Pherby Higgins on April 12, 2021. Mickey arranged a tour of the Sheriff’s Station, which was attended by Mickey, Tom Tislow, Laurie Forward, Ryan Poblete (former Marine & Lynda Johnson’s son who knows Seth Dewey), Mayor Pro Tem Chuong Vo, and Janet Beach. Then we gave them a tour of the Civic Center, including the Veterans Memorial and the Sculpture Garden. 


We transferred the Welcome Home bags from my car to their truck and then had lunch at Friday’s, where we had a chance to share some information about our group and ask them some questions about the 1st CEB and future plans they have.


They were so appreciative for our hosting this visit and thanked us so much for everything.